Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Are we better off with Malloy?

Half baked laws!
He put me and 10,000+ amazon astores out of business.
An astore allows you to place amazon advertisements on your websites, blogs, twitter, etc. When people click on these advertisements you earn between 5% and 7% commissions from the advertisement.  astore details
Yet Bing, Yahoo, Google still profit from commissions in CT.  

•Institute the so-called "Amazon law" tax by requiring online retailers whose in-state affiliates sell more than $2,000 worth of goods annually in Connecticut to collect state sales tax and remit it to the Department of Revenue Services.

The result: amazon delivered me the pink slip......

Governor Malloy: Lawmakers to End Utility Surcharge, But ...

... It caps the tax on cigars at 50 cents each. •Institute the so-called "Amazon law"
tax by requiring online retailers whose in-state affiliates sell more ...

Now he votes for this??? 

Malloy makes Rolling Stone list of pot reformers

Is this the new business opportunity for the 10,000+ displaced people? Is CA better off? 
Will you get this at your local bar, liquor store, coffee shop or drugstore? Look at CA.
Will your neighbor grow it in their backyard?
Will the legal age be 21 like alcohol or 18 like cigarettes?
Should it be legalized, like alcohol and tobacco?

Let your VOTE tell him what you think!  

Governor Malloy: Gov. Malloy on Decriminalization of ...
... Gov. Malloy on Decriminalization of Marijuana Abstract: Governor Dannel
P. Malloy today released a statement applauding final passage of a bill ...

Governor Malloy: Little Connecticut's Big Message on the ...
... An important test of the new politics of capital punishment will come this
November in a California death penalty referendum. ...

What are the other people saying.
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